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Why Go Viral?

Video Marketing is No Fad, it’s an Undeniable Shift to Online Video Content as the Most “Affective” Internet Marketing Tool for Business.

This is a critical time for businesses to act, Facebook has already made the transition from what was once a free social media marketing platform to now limiting the organic reach of business pages and making companies pay-up!  Youtube and others will soon do the same.  According to Cisco® , globally, IP video traffic will be nearly 80-percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2018.  This percentage does not include online video shared peer-to-peer (P2P).  And consider this… mobile video traffic in 2018 will be equivalent to 64-times the volume of the entire global Internet in 2005.  That is a lot of video in the hands of consumers.  Some businesses will produce good high-quality video, but primarily most business videos, not so good.  Video creates an opportunity for businesses looking for an edge, and provides a medium to effectively engage their target audience.

Check out this video from USTREAM that outlines the benefits of “Marketing with Video.”

Businesses with High-Quality Video Content and Established Social Media Networks will Dominate.

The difference maker for businesses will be the quality of their online video content, and an advantage for those who make the best of a fleeting opportunity to grow their own sizable social media network.  It is a fact, the rules have already changed, and the playing field will begin to look drastically different every day.  This is why it is critical NOW, not 2018, for businesses to increase their use of high-quality online video content to nurture new leads, build email lists, attract more channel subscribers and page  “LIKES”  to establish greater online properties and social media channels in order to effectively “infect” and “affect” your viral video viewing fan base that will result in higher internet rankings for your brand and business.  According to a recent article that cited a Demand Metrics study that revealed a few things holding businesses back from utilizing video. Forty-seven percent of respondents said an obstacle to doing successful video marketing was a lack of budget, while 45 percent said they lacked in-house resources, and said they found it hard to create compelling content (So, 2014).

Small Business Video Marketing Trends

It’s undeniable – web video is one of the hottest trends in small business marketing.  Online videos not only help small business websites establish trust with web visitors, they are also proven to increase sales conversions rates and boost search engine rankings as well.

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Viral Video Marketing LLC  — provides an affordable solution for businesses in the Kansas City area that feel they lack the budget or available resources to utilize the effectiveness or in our words the… “affectiveness” of online video marketing. We provide a convenient, personal, and mobilized service that delivers high-quality, engaging, broadcast style online video content that will “infect and affect” your online viewer engagement.  Video works for business online 24/7, and when fueled by formulated video marketing strategies, video will enhance your rank in the Internet marketplace.

Have a business or special event you want to market?   GO VIRAL!

 -Christian Vedder | Viral Video Marketing


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